Wheat Idiyappam/Kothumai Idiyappam/Gouthumai Idiyappam

Wheat Idiyappam/Kothumai Idiyappam/Gouthumai Idiyappam

Wheat Idiyappam/Kothumai Idiyappam/Gouthumai Idiyappam, Another healthy steamed Idiyappam for your breakfast.. a guilt free recipe for the breakfast.. before trying this i had few questions in my mind, will they squeeze out nicely, how it’s going to cook, will it take more time, and the main thing i worried about the final result…
Will it soft and the texture will remain like a idiyappam.. so after doing this, all my questions got the answers in the first attempt itself.. and happily I’m sharing a very healthy breakfast with you… usually chappathi will the one, which is prefer by the Diabetic patients.. but there’s lot and lot of healthy recipes are there for diabetic patients.. this is the one comes in the list.. all grains can be prepare in the form of Idiyappam.. can  serve this with milk and sugar, chicken curry, vegetable korma/kuruma, mutton curry or any of your choice to relish this healthy idiyappam…Recently one of my viewer suggest for diabetic recipes, so seriously I’m experimenting new taste here.. and without fail all these are soooo healthy and tasty than our regular food.. i had some conscious in diabetic, as my dad had it.. so this is a happy post for diabetic patients.. come join try and tell your experience too, simply share your thought in the comment box.. Lets Move to the preparation..



Wheat Idiyappam

Prep Time: 15 mins   |  Cook time: 10 mins    |  Serves: 2




Wheat Flour 2 cups
Rice Flour/Idiyappa Flour 1/2 cup
Salt as needed
Oil 2 tsp
Coconut 3-4 tsp



  1. Take the wheat flour in kadai, Roast it in medium flame till the aroma comes out.. just heat slightly.. add in the Rice flour and salt to it..


  2. Add in the warm water and knead the dough to it.. add in some oil and knead it.. it should be little sticky..


  3. Grease the Idli mould, Press the Dough in the Idiyappa Mould and squeeze out to the Idli plate..
Steam this for 10 mins in medium flame, or till they done…Garnish with some grate coconuts and serve with your favorite kurma/Korma or chicken Curry…



    • Just Heat the wheat flour slightly till they get nice nutty aroma, switch of the flame..
    • Knead a little sticky dough so that it press easily from the mould..
    • It take more time to cook, than other idiyappam.. so press it lightly, don’t press them messy it may sticky and spoil the whole idiyappam..
    • Just serve this with your favorite side dish.. 


“Wheat Idiyappam/Kothumai Idiyappam/Gouthumai Idiyappam”
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