Cauliflower Egg Pepper Fry

Cauliflower Egg Pepper Fry

Cauliflower Egg Pepper fry, its a special simple recipe.. got this recipe from my mom.. very time consuming and simple fry ..

Sambar rice is a best combo with this fry.. Its completely New to me.. but it taste so great, it consumes very less oil, if you want a deep fried version, then dip the cauliflower in egg white and deep fry the  florets in it.. Go with the recipe first..

Cauliflower Egg Pepper Fry

 Prep Time: 15 mins   |  Cook time: 10 mins    |  Serves: 2


Cauliflower 1 cup separated florets 
Egg white 1
Pepper Powder 1 tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil 2-3 tsp
Turmeric powder 1/4 tsp


  1. Take the Cauliflower florets in bowl add turmeric powder and salt, microwave this for 3-4 mins in 100P, or take them in a sauce pan and boil parboil this for few 5-7 mins.. drain them in a strainer and set aside..

  2. Heat a kadai with oil and fry the parboiled cauliflower in it, in the mean time crack open the egg and separate the egg white..

  3. Add in salt and pepper and fry this for few mins or till they get tender..

  4. Add the Egg white and stir fry the cauliflower and egg white to mix well.. once the egg cooked well, switch off the flame and serve..


    • Parboil of cauliflower reduces the cooking time..
    • It consumes very less, if you want a deep fry version, then dip the florets in egg white and deep fry them in hot oil..

“Cauliflower Egg Pepper Fry”
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