How to make Kerala Plum Cake in Pressure Cooker Method (No Alcohol)

Kerala Plum Cake11
This post is about Kerala Plum Cake in Pressure Cooker Method, Plum cake has different variation. In each region the plum cakes has their own unique taste. Rich plum cake with alcohol, Rich plum cake without alcohol, Eggless plum cake are some of the variation.
Plum cake is one major name which can be infused with any of the imagination of dry fruits. Most Indian bakeries sell normal dry fruit like raisins and tutti frutti infused plum cake. Spices are the special addition in Kerala plum cake. In this post I’m gonna share alcohol free instant plum cake, which is actually not a plum a cake but taste pretty similar to a plum cake.
Every year I love to explore little more ideas in my plum cake recipe, probably I’m learning the hints slowly in my baking journey. Our staple Christmas will include palakarams(deep fried snacks) like “Achumurukku” , “Murukku”, “Munthiri kothu”. Morden day world has changed everyones celebration with store brought cake boxes. Here we try to recreate the store brought cake as a homemade one.
.Kerala Plum Cake12

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