Matar Panner Gravy

Matar Panner Gravy
Matar Panner3Matar Panner, Panner with peas curry, A delicious curry with more rich taste for roti, Pulao, chapati.. Usually we order PB masala in Restaurants and in home it may a PB masala Panner bhurji.. This is a popular recipe among North Indian Menu.. Here Learn this popular Indian Vegetarian Gravy with step by step picture instructions..

I Love Most of the panner recipes, Paneer is a ingredients which easily substitute the non veg filling.. a fantastic side dish for Roti, Paratha, Pulao, there is no replacement for the rich creamy dish.. If you don’t have a fresh green peas, soak the dried peas for 4-5 hours and pressure cook it for 2-3 whistles.. and follow the preparation.. Always Panner had a Special unique taste in it.. this protein rich milk solids are very healthy for kids.. simply tawa fry the panner with some salt and feed you kids, they love it.. The complete bowl relished here with Roti.. Hope this post will helps you a lot to learn this delicious Indian Vegetarian gravy..

Matar Panner

Matar Panner

Recipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category: Side dish for Roti
Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 35-40 mins    |  Serves: 2


Panner 200 gms
Green Peas 1/2 cup
Fresh cream 1/4 cup
Oil 1 tsp
Onion 1 medium
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Red chili powder 1 tsp
Dhaniya Powder 3/4 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Graham masala/curry Masala 1/2 tsp
Green chill 1 nos
Coriander Leaves 2  springs
Kasoori Methi/Dried Fenugreek Leaves 1/2 tsp
Salt as needed

To Grind

Onion 2 medium size
Tomatoes 3-4 nos
cinnamon 1 inch
cloves 2 nos
Oil 1 tsp


 1. Take the Fresh peas, wash and take it a micro safe bowl, microwave this for 3-4 mins, or cook the green peas in a sauce pan with some water on stove top..

Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 1 59 04 PM
 2. Heat a kadai with oil,  fry the onion, tomato, cloves and cinnamon, cook this till the tomatoes get mushed..and set aside to cool.
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 1 59 17 PM
 3. Cut the panner into cubes and heat a pan with a tsp of oil, tawa fry the panner in low flame for 4-5 mins..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 00 15 PM
 4. Grind the Roasted contents in a mixer and set aside, heat a pan with oil, temper with jeera, Onion And ginger garlic paste..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 00 31 PM
 5. Once the Onions saluted well add the grinded paste and cook till they separates the oil, add in the chilly powder,r dahlia/coriander powder, Turmeric Powder, Graham masala, salt..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 00 47 PM
 6. Cook this for 2-3 mins till the raw smell goes away… now add in the finely chopped green chilies and fried panner to the masala.
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 01 02 PM
  7. Add the billed peas alone and mix well and cook this for 2-3 mins..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 01 37 PM
 8. Add the boiled green peas water and allow this to boil for 3-4 mins..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 01 56 PM
 9. Add in the fresh cream and crush the Kassori methi and  switch of the flame..

Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 02 26 PM


Matar Panner4

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