Oats Cookies Pressure Cooker method/No Butter Oats Cookies in Pressure cooker

Oats Cookies Pressure Cooker method/No Butter Oats Cookies in Pressure cooker
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie2Oats Cookies/No Butter Oats Cookies/ Olive Oil Oats Cookies in pressure cooker method… This is the very new experiment in Easy cooking.. When i think of pressure cooker cake, this comes to my mind.. yes those who don’t have a Oven will not had a chance to bake a cookie know, is there any solution for it, When i planned for a Oats cookie, anyhow its going to be two three batch baking in oven, so why not experimenting a small batch in pressure cooker like the cake.. and In hand i had a 5 ltr. cooker and luckily i had a baking pan which fit perfect to the cooker..

I have few friends in blogging to they don’t own a oven, they always love to bake, not only in blogging, from the request for pressure cooker cake, i got the clue, there lot many people who love to bake but they don’t get a proper chance and good source.. and Christmas is on the way, Cakes and cookies are the main treat for christmas, now there you get a good chance to bake cookies too.. you’ll not believe my word check the recipe in the finall picture find out which one is perfect, the one baked from the pressure cooker or from the Oven.. i love the texture, color and taste of the pressure cooker Baked Cookie.. Here you go, Try this easy peasy cookie and treat your family with a healthy cheers.. Do try and let me know how it turned for you in the top of the page my mail id is there, mail your recipe photos too, feel free to write and ask the queries..

Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie1

Oats Cookies Pressure Cooker Method and Oven method

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Cookies/Snacks
Prep Time: 10 mons   |  Cook time in Pressure cooker:15-20 mins | Cook Time in Oven: 10-12 mins | Temperature: 180C   |  Serves: 2


Oats 1 cup
APF/Maida 3 tsp
Olive Oil 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
Baking Powder 1/2 tsp
Baking Soda 1/4 tsp



 1. Take the Oats in a blender and grind it to fine and set aside, in the mean time Powder the sugar and set aside..Take a mixing bowl add the Olive Oil, and Powdered sugar..

Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step1
 2. Use a spatula or wooden spoon beat them till they form a creamy texture.. Now add the powdered Oats, Maida, Baking Powder, Baking Soda..
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step2
 3. Softly knead the dough, Take a baking pan line with parchment paper, Using spoon scoop the dough and place, give enough space to each cookie, once they get cooked, will spread and increase in size.. This Pan is for Oven, Pre heat the oven for 5-8 mins 180C.. and put the baking pan in the oven, bake this for 10-12 mins or till they done
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step3
 4. Take a Pressure cooker i used my 5lt Hawkins pressure cooker, & i took a good baking pan to fit the size.. Place a tiffin box lid or stand inside the pressure cooker, close it and put it in medium flame pre heat the cooker for 10-15 mins..
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step4
 5. Here i set the baking pan for pressure cooker baking.. Once the cooker get heated well, slowly drop the baking pan into the pressure cooker and close the pressure cooker without weight.. bake this for 15- 20 mins, check after 15 mins to prevent from burning.. 
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step5
 6. Here the baked cookies, i just shown the difference of two method, the first one is pressure cooker baking and second one is  Oven baking 
Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie step6


    • Use a proper baking pan for pressure cooker.. 
    • This is a no butter version, if you wish to add then substitute the olive oil.
    • And for more healthy version substitute the Maida with wheat flour..
    • No need to use the pressure cooker weight, but should use the gas cut, otherwise heat may release..
    • Use the flame in medium.. don’t raise the heat above medium, the heat should spread slowly and it should give enough time to cook

Pressure Cooker Oats Cookie3

” Oats Cookies/No Butter Oats Cookies/ Olive Oil Oats Cookies in pressure cooker method” 


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