Yule Log Cake/Yule Log/Buche De Noel

Yule Log Cake/Yule Log/Buche De Noel
Yule Log Cake Yule Log Cake/Yule Log, I have an eye over a year for this delicious beauty cake.. i surprised with the taste.. when i browsed for the recipe, each and every recipe had lot of changes in measurements and ingredients, and I’m so confused to choose the rite one..

Finally i decide to mix all the info with my knowledge, and did this.. il of swiss roll cake a lot, and tasted in britannia roll cake.. was wondered, how they did this cake does they cut the sponge cake thinly for this.. and after watching some video’s i came to know that’s a separate recipe to be made with the cookie tray.. Last year christmas i saw this cake on my timeline which was posted by one of friend for the christmas wish.. and i marked it.. such a long period to study and experiment rite.. even i was so frustrated with this long study.. anyhow i must go with the good result.. and proud i baked a roll cake.. that for christmas special.. This Yule Log cake is a traditional recipe of france, which was served near Christmas days..This has many variations with the traditional recipe. the reason why I’m posting this for this much long was, the frosting, usually i never frost a cake in home.. and was long waiting to buy a double cream to learn the butter frosting.. when ever i saw the rate in market, i keep back the pack and gently walk behind, some what las tie when i checked whipping cream rate i was free-zed in the section, it was 780INR for 1 liter.. and luckily i remind my home made fresh cream and put into the mission, and here is my Yule Log Cake..Yule Log Cake1

Yule Log Cake

Recipe Cuisine: France  |  Recipe Category: Dessert/Bake/Cake
Prep Time: 30 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    |  Serves: 4-6 |  Temperature: 180C

Ingredients For Choco Sponge Cake

APF/Maida 100gms/ 1/2 cup
Sugar 85 gms/ above 1/4 cup
Cocoa Powder 85 gms above 1/4 cup
Egg 3 nos
Baking Powder 1/2 tsp
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp


Ingredients For Forsting

Heavy Cream 1/2 cup
Icing Sugar 1/4 cup
Dark Chocolate 4-5 pieces 
Cocoa Powder 1/4 cup
Butter 5-6 tsp




 1. Crack open the Eggs and separate the yolks… if you don’t have the confident to crack open the cake then take a small bowl, one by one open the egg, use a old plastic cola bottle to separate the Yolks..i simply separate the yolks with my fingers.. Now  take the sugar in the yellow yolk mixing bowl..

Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 47 06 PM
2. Start whisking the sugar and yellow yolk till they fluff up.. add in the Vanilla essence and mix again, set this aside.. Preheat the oven to 5-8 mins @ 180 C
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 47 21 PM
 3. Start whisk the White yolks whisk till they hold the Stiff peak on top.. now the white yolks was doubled the quantity..  
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 48 00 PM
 4. Add in the Yellow yolk mix, and sieve the Flour/APF, Baking Powder, Cocoa Powder..Fold this gently..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 48 24 PM
 5. Take a Cookie tray line with Parchment paper or butter paper, fold the batter to the pan..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 48 42 PM
 6. Put the tray into the preheated oven and bake this for 15 mins @ 180C, or till they done.. take them out and make it to cook on the wire rack for 30 mins.
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 49 02 PM
 7. Take the icing sugar or powder the sugar in the mixer.. Spread a butter paper or parchment paper in a clean surface, dust some icing sugar over the paper, and reverse the Tray, Without breaking transfer the cake..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 49 28 PM
 8. Tear up the butter paper which was sticked to the bottom of the cake..  Tear up carefully without damaging the cake.. Gently start roll the cake and set aside for few mins..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 49 43 PM
 9. I kept this Rolled cake aside for 20-30 mins.. Now take the Collected Heavy cream form the milk, This is what i do t prepare butter ad ghee.. take some fresh cream  in a mixing bowl..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 50 04 PM
 10. Start whipping it.. only it take less than one minute to make the a creamy texture.. once you get this texture stop churning it may turn to butter if you beat more.. 
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 50 21 PM
 11. Add in the icing sugar and mix this with  spatula, and unroll the cake, spread over the cream frosting to the cake,.
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 50 42 PM
 12. Roll again and set aside.. Now take the Butter and dark chocolate in a mixing bowl..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 50 58 PM
 13. Dont melt completely, just make this to room temperature, using your microwave or double boiling this.. and add it to the leftover cream frosting.. and mix well, again I’m pointing here don’t use hand blender here.. use a spatula..  Mix well..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 51 11 PM
 14. Start apply the choco cream frosting over the rolled cake.. and no need worry for a smooth ganache, this wood log, so rough finishing is fine.. but spears all over the cake..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 51 30 PM
 15. Use a forks and make me marks over the choco frosting, refrigerate this for 1 hour..Dust with some Icing sugar, Slice and serve chilled..
Screen Shot 2014 12 11 at 1 51 47 PM


    • No need to add butter/Oil to the cake.. 
    • Carefully separate the yolks..
    • Whist the white yolks to set the stiff peak..
    • If you have store bought double cream, substitute with the heavy cream part..
    • You can fill the butter cream first with some chopped cherries and nuts to make this more rich and delicious..
    • Carefully roll without breaking the cake..
    • Also when removing the butter paper handle very carefully..

Yule Log Cake3

“Yule Log Cake/Yule Log”

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