How to make Muttaikose | Vettu Cake | Fried Tea Cake

MuttaiKose is the name which i heard after marriage in Sivakasi, but in our place we call this as tea kadai cake or vettu cake.. after browsing the recipe the same recipe is called with two names.. in south we name this as vettu cake, or fried cake..

Crispy beauties are quite a long time wish to try in home, and few weeks back badly i started to crave for this.. filling snack, Shelf life of the recipe will be long for 2 days, if your refrigerate i think this can keep for a week, the size of the cake can make our desired size.. These fried cakes are so delicious with a cup of chia or coffee(kappi), so easy to make, can be a surprise treat for unexpected guest.. And I’m very happy to share this recipe on my 100th Continuous post.. still i can’t believe how days are rolling and excited to reach this timeline.. thanking each and every visitors and readers to support my work.. Here you scroll below for the yummy snack..

Muttaikose/Vettu Cake/Fried Cake

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: TeaTIme/Street Food
Prep Time: 30 mins | Cook time: 15 mins | Serves: 4


Maida/APF 1 cup
Sugar  1/4 cup
Cardamom 2 nos
Egg 1 nos
Salt a pinch
Baking Soda 1/2 tsp
Oil 1/2 cup



Take the Sugar and Cardamom in a blender.. powder this and set aside, not open the lid immediately, as they are so fine, sugar powder will spread around..
Thumb IMG 1991 1024
Beat a egg in a mixing bowl..
Thumb IMG 1992 1024
Beat well till they foam up, just a forks or spoon is enough to beat
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Here is the powdered sugar and cardamom mix..
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Add the sugar powder to beaten egg…
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Mix them well, and add salt and baking soda.. and again mix this.
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Add in the measured flour, and knead a soft dough..
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Set aside for 30 mins to stiff the dough..
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Roll them, use some flour to dust if need, roll to a cylindrical shape..
Thumb IMG 1999 1024
Evenly cut the roll..
Thumb IMG 2000 1024
And shape them to balls..
Thumb IMG 2001 1024
Give a mild cut, just a press with  knife.
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Heat a pan with oil, in medium flame drop the balls..
Thumb IMG 2003 1024
Flip and cook all the sides, i used quarter pan oil, if you want can add more oil, to cook fast..
Thumb IMG 2004 1024
Once the color starts to change, the size will be doubled..
Thumb IMG 2005 1024
Drain them out fro the oil and drop in the kitchen towel
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    • Knead the dough softly, if dough goes sticky use some floor to dust and roll the balls..
    • The balls will double in size, once they completely cooked, so make sure about the ball size..
    • Adjust the sugar to your taste, sugar i mentioned is a minimum amount which will not taste too sweet.
    • Put the flame in medium to cook the fries. 
    • put a very mild cut, once they cook, they will give a big deep look.. 


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