How to make South Indian Idli Podi

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Idli Podi, So many variation, each families had a unique way of making this recipe in south India, few months back i shared a Idli pod recipe, that too form my MIL recipe, But something was missing in my trial..
This time in our vacation, i noted few tips from my MIL preparation, she used Black Skinned Urad Dhal, Then she use more Curry Leaves in her recipe, and she didn’t fry the salt, also she use Hard Hing(Kaal Kaayam).. These are the main variation i noted.. All the other ratio are same form the previous recipe.. This is much much Healthy version than the early one.. Few recipes we won’t get our family taste, sometimes these kind of mistake also leads a big variation..Here you go with the Spicy healthy Gun Powder.

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Idli Podi

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Kitchen Bascis
Prep Time: 10 mins | Cook time: 40 mins | Serves: 500 gms


Broken Skined Urad Dhal 250 gms
Channa Dhal 250 gms
Red chilly 50 gms
Garlic 4-5 pods
Hing/Kaayam 2 pcs
Curry Leaves 2 handful
Salt write
Oil 1/2 tsp



Take All the ingredient..
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For this recipe i used a generous amount of Curry Leaves, so the flavour and taste will had a twist..
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Fry the Red chillies, till they turn crisp, it take 8- 10 mins in medium  low flame.. and set them aside..
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 Fry the Broken skinned urad same medium low flame, stir continuos to shift the dhal to heat… fry till they turn golden color.. it takes another 12-15 mins in medium low flame
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Set them aside to bring this to room temperature..
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Now add the Channa dhal..
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And garlic, Fry them as same like urad dhal, fry in medium low flame for 12-15 mins, till they turn good color..
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Set them aside with the other ingredient, bring all to room temperature..
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Now Curry Leaves, Fry them till they turn crisp..
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And add 1/2 tsp of oil in a pan, Fry the Hing/Kaayam..
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Add them toagether.. bring this to room temperature..
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Grind them in a mixer, to a fine powder add salt and grind.. and sieve them, this step is quite hard and optional.. if you like coarsely grounded Idli powder then no worries use as it is.. but if you are looking for a soft fine powder, as like the store bought, then should go with this step..
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Here is my super fine Healthy Idli Podi..
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    • You can use normal Urad dhal too, but this skinned dhal have some nutritious value, don’t use the whole skinned dhal, broken one is the best for this recipe..
    • Also curry Leaves, this is your optional ingredient, i had some Organic curry Leaves, i used a good amount for this recipe, the flavour is different and tastier than the Normal version which i used less curry leaves..
    • Use Hard Hing(Kal Kaayam)/பெருங்காயம்
    • Dont fry the salt, only at the time of grinding add salt, use sea salt(crystal salt)
    • Garlic is also another ingredient which you can add more than the quantity i mentioned in the recipe, i used big pods of garlic so 4-5 pcs is fine, if you have the normal variety, then use few more pods..

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Idli Podi

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