Unsweetened Khoya

Unsweetened Khoya
Unsweetened Khoya1
Unsweetened Khoya, Is a base for most of the Indian Desserts.. Festive season has started here.. No doubt this one is the must try recipe, Homemade recipes had a special credit..
I prefer his koya to add in Carrot halwa, Beetroot halwa, and few more desserts too.. This basic recipe is for Beginners, When ever i had good about of milk in refrigerator, i do these kind of recipe to store them, Here you go.. And this is my 93rd continuous post..
Unsweetened Khoya3

Take 1 ltr milk in a Heavy bottomed Pan, i used my Non stick pan.. Use a wooden spoon to give stir.. and i did this recipe in my Induction, you can try in stove top too.. Bring the milk to boil.. reduce the quantity to half..  

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 Once the milk start to reduce the quantity.. stir and cook continuously.. Slowly the milk will turn to solid.. 

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Keep going.. when the milk turns creamy thick consistency, stir continuously.. 

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 when you cook continuously.. you can see the solid Koya.. all ready to go.. Your Home made Unsweetened Koya is ready for delicious Desserts.. 

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Store them in Refrigerator for 10 days.. if you want the sweet version.. then add enough sugar to your taste on the last stage.. and cook till they get a dry texture.. We call it as Palkova.. 

Unsweetened Khoya2

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