Gooseberry Mint Lemonade

Gooseberry Mint Lemonade

Gooseberry Mint Lemonade6Gooseberry Mint Lemonade requires five unusual combination to make this as a healthy drink. A complete booster to kick start a hot day in this summer, gradually the initiative on “Beat the Heat Juicing” Series is picking up its pace.

Gooseberry is rich in Iron content mint and Exotic flavours such as mint, lime, ginger shall be added to make this as a wholesome recipe to Beat the Heat. Co-bloggers who are involved in this series are also posting innovative recipes, perhaps this is the time for me to post one, with concentrated flavours which will tickle your taste buds as it creates a warm blend because of ingredients such as ginger and honey. It also helps in soothes your throat and to remove toxins in your body. This complete combinations is full of vitamins and stimulates immunity to your body during this summer season.

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Gooseberry Mint  Lemonade

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Drinks
Prep Time: 0 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 2


Gooseberry/Amla 2 nos
Mint 2 spring
Lemon 1/2
Ginger a small piece
Honey 3-4 tsp
Sweet Basil Seeds 1 tsp




Here is all my ingredients, deseeded gooseberry, Peel and sliced ginger, cleaned mint leaves, and i soaked sweet basil seeds for 10-15 mins.
Thumb IMG 5441 1024
Take Gooseberry, ginger, mint leaves in a blender, blend them first without adding any water.. 
Thumb IMG 5443 1024
Here is the blended mixer
Thumb IMG 5444 1024
Add enough water and blend again.. 
Thumb IMG 5445 1024
Strain the juice using a strainer
Thumb IMG 5446 1024
Squeeze the lemon and add few more water
Thumb IMG 5447 1024
Yayee here is my yummy juice, waiting for its dressing now. 
Thumb IMG 5448 1024
Take the serving glass or jar, add honey 
Thumb IMG 5449 1024
Drop the juice over it, mix mix and mix well.. just give a taste and add more honey if needed
Thumb IMG 5450 1024
Top the glass with Soaked Sweet basil seeds. 
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    • Sweet basil is an optional ingredient, i added for its cooling nature, i know most of you had difficult to find sweet basil in shops, fro those who feel this is an unknown ingredient can vomit this, there is no taste blend with this basil seed.
    • Mint and ginger is for extra fragrance.
    • Adjust the honey to your sweet tooth.. 
    • Serve with Ice cubes for more cooling.. 
    • this juice must serve immediately once it done, you can ice cold water to make the juice.. 

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“Gooseberry Mint Lemonade”
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