Watermelon Mint Crush

Watermelon Mint Crush
Watermelon Mint Crush3Watermelon Mint Cooler, absolute for instant refreshment, Mint leaves plays a crush role with Melon, this sweet blended cup of juice makes your day bright. Three ingredients made the magical blink, and a detoxing juice too, if you prefer for detoxing reduce the sugar completely that makes a perfect detoxing cooler.

Mint leaves is one of my most favourite plant, i used have a pot of mint in my kitchen never mind how small my kitchen was, even in our rented house too I have few plant in balcony, they makes my day very fresh with their pretty looks itself, and if I’m out of mind to involve in my work, i just run to my mint plant, crush few leaves in my hands and i feels bit pleasant and relaxed with the smell itself.Mostly in soups i never miss to add these blasting leaves, but for the juice the fresh smell blends along with the melons and sugar are extreme, I LOVED this Cooler.

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In our “Beat the Heat Juicing Series”, we need simple concept that should make a mess in kitchen for a long, but this is series is just sparking up with loads and loads of coolers, Priya who always share some innovative twist in her recipe, and Shobana is out form my word, i call her as a fitness freaky, she has so many juicing and fitness, detoxing recipes in her page..

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Watermelon Mint Crush2

Watermelon Mint Crush

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time: 0 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 3


Watermelon 2 cups chunked
Mint 4-5 springs
Sugar 3-4 tsp



Cut and Clean watermelons to form chunks, no need for shape or deseeding, just chop them roughly.
Thumb IMG 5329 1024
Add those chunked melons to blender, add sugar and mint leaves, 4-5 springs means for 20-25 leaves approximately
Thumb IMG 5337 1024
Strain the blended juice with a strainer..
Thumb IMG 5338 1024
Just pour in the serving glass, add some chopped mint leaves if needed..
Watermelon Mint Crush1


    • Adjust the Sweetness to your taste bud
    • Serve immediately once done
    • Add Ice cubes if you want

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Watermelon Mint Crush5

“Watermelon Mint Cooler”

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