How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies

choco chip cookie3

Baking Cookies is such a fun play. From kids to elders cookies are the presumable choice. Everyone had a different flavour of choice in cookies, So many variation in one word “Cookie”.  N number of Varieties can be followed in this recipe.

Well cookies are easy to bake and easy to carry for a travel or for a vacation. Also cookies can be packed with balanced diet in proportion of the recipes. Homemade cookies are way better than commercial cookies. Since there is no preservatives the shelf life of the cookies will go up to 6-7 days if its stored in a good air tight condition.

Cookie is an another form of baking, which the dough will be baked till they turns crisp, mainly the crispness are the key to attract people. As discussed in the first point N number of variations are there in cookie, like crunchy cookie, chewy cookie. The topic on cookie is a never ending story.

When I was reviewing my page, I found that I don’t have enough recipes in baking cookies, So here I planed to go with some good cookie collection on basic cookie recipes, in that array I choose chocolate chip cookie.

Adapted this recipe from a cookery book. Here and there I have given some small changes according to my need. This Chocolate chip cookie is a buttery soft and crisp in nature.  Homemade cookies are super easy and healthy snack for kids snack box.

choco chip cookie

Crunchy, Crumbly, Buttery, Soft cookies are super delicious and super easy to make. This batch of cookies gave me more confident to try more types of cookies, this is a beginner friendly recipe.

Step by step Method for Chocolate chip cookie recipe


Dark Chocolate chip, Use good amount of chocolate chip for delicious cookie


Take all the listed ingredients.


I use the butter paper to grease the tray.


Line the baking tray with parchment paper


 Take sugar and butter in a mixing bowl, beat them well to a creamy texture.


 Add a dash of vanilla essence


 Crack one egg to the mixing bowl and beat them well to a creamy texture.


 Sieve the dry ingredients (Flour, Baking soda and salt) to the mixing bowl


Fold the flour gently and knead a soft dough


 Add dark chocolate chips to the dough


 Fold well to mix the chocolate chip with the dough.


Equally divide the dough into small balls and line them in the tray.


 Bake the cookies for 10 mins at 200C temperature.


Once done remove the tray from oven


Place the cookies in a cooling rack, to cool completely


Store them in a air tight container.

choco chip cookie2

Tips for Perfect Cookies

  • A hand whisk, a ballon or wire whisk is better than an electric hand beater to make cookies. If you do not have a cookie sheet or tray for baking, cover the wire rack of the oven with foil and bake cookies on it.
  • Butter used is regular salted or yellow butter unless specified as white or unsalted butter. Use softened butter but do not microwave it to soften it.
    Leave it outside for a while or if hard, cut into tiny pieces to expose more surface area.
  • Once the dough is ready, do nit over mix or knead hard. This results in a tough cookie.
  • Do not handle the dough too much. So roll out small portions and cut into shapes. Too much of re-rolling the dough is not a good idea. So roll out small portions.
  • After baking is complete, remove from oven and let cookies be on the cookie sheet for 5 mins and then transfer to a cool rack to cool completely and become crisp.
  • To check for doneness, see that the edges and bottom turn golden. Do not brown the top too much as the cookie becomes hard.
  • While using the cup measurement for the recipe, always fill the cup and level it with a knife and use.
  • A normal microwave cannot be used for baking cookie or cake. Only the convection microwave can be used. If you microwave has a convection mode, you can bake cookies and cakes. When the microwave is on the convection mode there are no microwaves travelling inside the microwave. Hence, all dishes and tins which go into the conventional OTG can very safely be used in the microwave.