How to make Lemon and Chilli Corn on the Cob

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli

Lemon and Chilli Corn on the Cob is a street food. Found this excited recipe in  our near by Park, Hot selling Cobs are peak in evening time. Smoky flavour with the hotness of chilli and tickling lemon makes this recipe to a divine feel.

Sweet corns are always a handy one in Bangalore which is available for all the season, that’s why sweet corn chaat is a common in public area’s. Im addict to this lemon and chilli Corn on the cob, this roasted version have the smoke flavour. Can prepare this lemon and chilli masala for the boiled sweet corn cob too. a quick instant snack, always this is a rocking munch of a monsoon day. Hope this post will be helpful, do try and let me know about your experience..

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli4

Step by Step picture instruction Lemon and Chilli Corn on the Cob

Remove and clean the outer cover of the sweet corn cob, insert a rod in the centre part of the cob. Cook the screwed cob in direct flame.


 Flip and cook all the sides of the cob.


Slowly turn and cook all the sides of the cob.


Mix salt, Chilli powder with lemon juice.


Use the lemon peel and brush the Lemon and chilli paste to the hot cob.

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli2

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli3

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli6

Sweetcorn with Lemon and chilli5

“Lemon and Chili Sweet corn on the cob”