How to make Arunachal Pradesh Koat Pitha

Koat Pitha2

Kota Pitha is a dessert served in Northeastern State of India. When we choose Arunachal pradesh recipes we are limited with very few ingredients and recipes to try, I got carrot and banana as my secret ingredient for the month of October for she cooking. This month I was paired with Shobha Keshwani  to complete my task, Shobha who writes her recipes in the name of  Shobhasfoodmazaa, she have N number of Indian recipes with innovative twist, and she cover all continental cuisines with her explorer food ideas.

Felt really tough to identify a perfect recipe to match for our south Indian taste bud. Koat Pitha is a dessert which is served after a light meal or as a snack with masala chai. Jeshu’s statement “Amma ithu pakoda mathiri irrukku but taste sweet ah irukku” ( Mom this looks like our side pakoda but with sweet taste), and he started calling this as sweet pakoda. We all had a great tea time with this new innovated fritters. Hope this post helps you to learn about a new recipe.

Koat Pitha1

Step by Step picture Instruction For Arunachal Pradesh Koat Pitha Recipe

Grate carrots in a mixing bowl


Add ripped banana to the bowl, mash well in the mixing bowl


Add int he grated jaggery and mix well to dissolve the jaggery


Add rice flour to the bowl


Mix well the batter, add 1/4 cup water to mix the batter in a thick consistency.


Heat a pan with oil on medium flame, drop the batter using  a spoon into the hot oil, deep fry the fritters till they turn golden brown colour.