How to Make Goan Dodol/Black Halwa/Arisi Halwa/Karupatti Halwa

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Goan Dodol/Black Halwa/Arisi Halwa/Karupatti Halwa, A rich Goan Dessert which usually calls for the tradition of the Coastal culture, they normally make this delicious dessert during Christmas. The whole process was quite long and lengthy, though I had so much fun and enthu while doing this wonderful dessert.

I plan to make this recipe for sssshh cooking challenge for the month of February 2018 we choose Goan Cuisines. This time I got my secret ingredients form Mayuri writer of mayurisjikoni. She gave Coconut and Jaggery as my secret ingredients. Well I’m so excited to start my work these two ingredients because both the ingredients are my most favourite one.
When I enquired with my Goan Friends they gave me a list of desserts to be done with coconut and jaggery, This halwa is the first choice for me. Since we are from coastal region and stay closed to Kerala we have tasted this rich dessert in our childhood, my grandma makes this wonderful halwa, here I tired for 150 gms of rice flour. When grandma makes she does for 750 gms- 1000 gms of flour, it isn’t easy to make such quantity to finish the whole process.

The small quantity of ingredients won’t test your patience. Hope I shared all the details here in detail, if you have more queries please write to me..

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Its a Little difficult task to complete the recipe, but a good home maker can easily do this wonderful dessert with minimum amount of ingredient. Here I give you a advice, if you are going to make this for the first time please take very minimum quantity ingredient and use a wide heavy bottomed vessel to stir well.

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Above red rice is the one which I used in this recipe.

Wash and soak this rice for 1 hour
Spread them in a kitchen towel to remove the excess water, let them dry for 15 mins.
Take the drained rice in a mixer, make sure the rice is not wet. Powder the rice to a fine powder.
Sieve the rice flour to remove the residues.
Here is the processed flour, which is ready for the recipe.
Here is my main ingredients, Scrape or grate the coconut to extract coconut milk, and broken jaggery’s are ready to melt.
My first extracted coconut milk
Second extracted coconut milk
Melt the jaggery by adding a cup of water
Measure and take the rice flour(here the measuring is very important, should adjust the coconut milk by the rice measurement)
Strain the jaggery water to the rice flour, add a pinch salt.
Add coconut milk and Crushed cardamon, mix well without any clumps. ( I used 6 cups of coconut milk for 1 cup of rice flour)
Take a wide and large vessel, which helps to stir the halwa often.. transfer the content to the wide pan, start heating up..
Stir often to avoid clumps, slowly the content will change its consistency..
Keep your focus and be alert throughout the process.
When the mixture gets thick, it will be bit hard to stir, but make sure it does not burn at the bottom
Within minutes the mixture will turns thick, glossy and dark..
In the mean time grease a bowl with ghee/oil
At this point need to more brisk and active to stir the halwa..
Slowly it becomes thick but need to stir till they reach the right consistency..
Like this, halwa should roll out with the laddle, If halwa rolls with the laddle then switch off the flame
Immediately transfer the hot halwa to the greased bowl, let them sit for few hours..
Slowly pull out out the halwa from the tray and start slicing.
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