How to Make Mukkani Fruit Salad

Mukkani salad

Mukkani salad is a combination three divine fruits with the base of custard sauce. A perfect bowl of salad after a meal, I have Used Banana, Jackfruit and Mango in this salad, which are religiously called as Mukkani in Tamil.
In this post I’m going to share about Mukkani Fruit Salad a twist with regular custard salad recipe. All the three Fruits are blend and combined together without dominating their flavours, believe me I didn’t feel the dominant taste of any fruits which I used in this recipe. Usually Mukkanis are strong in flavour and taste, they all blend with their flavour and tasted like a divine salad. I realised , why our ancestors call these Mukkani as a Goddess fruits, Try this heavenly salad before the season ends. Well the recipe is very easy by chopping the fruits and mixing with custard mix, the one step to give a look is to cook the custard mix in a proper way.

Step by step instruction for Mukani fruit salad

Step by Step Picture Instruction

Mukkani Salad 1

Take a cup of milk in a sauce pan & boil

Mukkani Salad 2

Take custard powder in a mixing bowl

Mukkani Salad 3

Add few teaspoons of cold milk to make a thick paste

Mukkani Salad 4

Add the custard mix to the boiling milk, add sugar along with the custard mix

Mukkani Salad 5

Cook the custard mix to a creamy texture

Mukkani Salad 6

Peel and chop the mangoes into small pieces

Mukkani Salad 7

Deseed the jackfruits and chop them into small pieces

Mukkani Salad7

Peel and chop the bananas into small pieces 

Mukkani Salad8

Take all the fruits into a mixing bowl

Mukkani Salad 9

Add the cooled custard mix to the fruits

Mukkani Salad9

 Mix well, Chill it for few mins or serve immediately

Mukkani salad