How to Make Moong Dhal Sago Kozhukattai

Moong Dhal Sago Dumpling is a healthy steamed snack, long back when I was talking with my aunt she told about this protein rich healthy recipe and shared her wonderful recipe with me and it was in my todo list for a long time.

Moongdhal kozhukattai


In this post, I’m sharing a detailed recipe of a kozhukattai. Steamed foods will have high nutrition value. Since it will lose very less nutrients while cooking and steamed food are consider to be a healthy option.In south India most of the breakfast recipes are steamed food.Idli, Puttu, Idyappam, Kozhukatai in steaming process which are in our regular healthy breakfast menu. Moongdhal dumpling recipe is an exceptional one since it has a list of power packed ingredients.

About the Recipe

Firstly, Moong dhal Kozhukattai will comes under the shade of protein rich food. It is completely packed with protein and low on carbs and also known as green gram which is  most recommend vegetarian food for all age group people. Moong dhal is one of the ingredient in India which accompanies in all part the region. So many recipes can be done by using this versatile dhal, here in this recipe Moong dhal is one of the key ingredient.

Secondly Sago pearls, is a type of Starch extracted from tapioca. Sago is a another Key ingredient which bring a unique flavour to this recipe. It’s a dietary food, and low in vitamins and minerals. Mainly sago reduce the risk factors for heart disease and also sago provides antioxidants and resistant starch which has many health benefits. In Tamil we call as Javarusi, with this Pearls we make puddings, payasam, upma and many more.

Thirdly about the Dumpling, in South India we call dumpling as Kozhukattai, Which is nothing but steamed ball of food. The ingredients and preposition may vary in each recipes. Basically Kozhukattai is made up of rice flour or any of the starchy flours, in this recipe i have reduced the rice flour and substituted with moongdhal and sago. Mainly to reduce the carb intake and to increase the protein based foods in our regular diet.

More over, I called this kozhukattai as “Power Packed” Food. It helps you to gain your energy instantly. To sum up, his post will help you to  learn a simple and healthy recipe. If you like this post leave your valuable comments in the comment section. Do try this out and share your feedback as well.

Step by step instruction for Moong dhal kozhukattai

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 1

Take the moong dhal in a pan  & Dry Roast the Moongdhal

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 2

 Roast them till they turns golden brown in colour, Set aside the roasted moong dhal to cool down.

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai3

In the same pan, Take the Sago pearls and Dry roast the sago pearls

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 4

Along with the Sago pearl add Cardamom and dry roast till the aroma comes

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 8

 Cool the ingredients completely and Powder them in a mixer

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 9

I have powder them in a coarse texture. It’s absolutely fine to grind them fine or to a coarse form. The Coarse form will give a nice texture in Kozhukattai.

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 10

Take rice flour in a mixing bowl

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 11

Add the powdered content to the mixing bowl along with the rice flour

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 13

Add in the Grated coconut

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 14

Boil the Jaggery with a cup of water, strain and add the japery syrup to the mixing bowl.

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 15

Knead a soft dough and make even sized dumplings

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 16

Place them in a steamer and steam for 15 mins

Moondhal Sago Kozhukattai 17